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Worried About Finding A Good Service for Long Term Cat Boarding in Sydney? Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery has the Experience to Ease Your Mind

Some of our happy customers

Finding a quick pet hotel while you are away for the weekend is generally pretty easy. But what if your job brings you out of town for months on end? Or what if a family emergency requires your time, and you cant bring your cat along? Finding long term cat boarding in Sydney can be an uneasy task. How can you make sure your pet is treated with the love and respect it deserves, and is cared for as you would care for it, for weeks or months on end? Dont trust your beloved pet with just anyone. Trust the boarders with over 35 years of experience caring for cats. Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery is the perfect solution for your long term cat boarding in the Sydney area.

Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery was first established in 1980 and has been serving the areas needs for long term cat boarding in Sydney. As animal lovers, this family owned and operated business puts your animal first, providing the best features and dietary options available for your pet. They also offer discounts on long term stays. New competitors just cant top the experience that Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery possesses. If you need a trustworthy boarding facility to place your cat in for a long term stay, trust the experts at Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery for the highest levels of care and expertise.

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