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Looking for Catteries in Dural? Puss N Boots Welcomes On-Site Inspections From all Potential Clients.

Your cat is far more than a furry companion. Shes a much-loved member of your family. Her safety and wellbeing are paramount, which is why youve spent so much time travelling to catteries in Dural, comparing boarding policies and scrutinising team members. You expect the best.

Puss N Boots wishes to give it to you. This is why we now encourage you to visit our facility. Perform your own on-site inspection. Meet with our dedicated staffers, examine our bungalows and apartments, and learn about our medical practices. Compare our services to those of our competitors and feel free to share your concerns and questions.

There are many catteries in Dural. However, Puss N Boots is distinguished by our open-door policy and our emphasis on customer satisfaction. We wish to provide you (and your pet) with the best experience possible, and we strive to inspire confidence with every visit.


664 Old Northern Rd.

Dural, NSW 2158

Inspection Days

Monday through Saturday

Inspection Hours

8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Is an appointment needed?


When considering catteries in Dural, we urge you to come to our facility. Learn how well provide your cat with the attention and care she deserves. To learn more about Puss N Boots (or to schedule an appointment after your inspection) contact us today:

Phone: 02-9651-1401

Address: 664 Old Northern Rd.

Dural, NSW 2158

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