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Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery In Sydney Takes Care Of Your Cat While Youre Away

When you are going away from home and have no one to care for your cat, do not worry. The professionals at Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery in Sydney can provide exactly what your cat needs while you are gone. Whether it is just one day or a week or two, the caring staff at the cattery along with the stimulating environment provided will allow your pet to enjoy a home away from home.

Established in 1980, the Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery of Sydney has a staff full of highly qualified and experienced cat caring individuals. It is a family-owned business where one of the owners is a qualified and practicing veterinarian. You can feel comfortable knowing that should there be any issues your cat has access to a vet at all times. The staff at the cattery are members of the Pet Industry Association of Australia and follow the rules and guidelines set forth to them by government entities.

When you bring your cat to the cattery, you will need your pets most current, up-to-date vaccination certificate. All immunisations must be up to date. Other than the certificate, you do not need to bring anything else to Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery. If your cat has a prescription diet or medication, you should provide that to the staff. Otherwise, your cat will be catered to by the cattery staff.

To make a booking or to learn more about Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery, call 02 9651 1401 or visit the companys website, www.pussnboots.com.au.

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