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Pamper Your Cat At The Best Cattery In Sydney While You Are Away

Going on holiday? Take care of your cats by dropping them at the best cattery in Sydney, Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery. From its beginning in 1980, the cattery has built a reputation as a well-respected and quality boarding establishment where you will feel at ease leaving your pet. Whether it is one day, a weekend, or even an extended period of time, you can rest assured that your feline will be the hands of highly trained and experienced cat caring staff members.

The accommodations at the best cattery in Sydney are outstanding. There are single apartments and family ones too for those with multiple cats. There are also bungalows in a very tranquil, leafy dcor. With heating pads available in winter, your cats will enjoy a very comfortable experience at Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery.

When bringing you lovely pet to the best cattery in Sydney, there is not much that you will have to worry about. The item that you must bring is your pets up-to-date vaccination certificate. Other than the certificate, there is nothing else that you should need to bring unless your cat is on some sort of prescribed medication or diet. The kind and caring staff at Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery will take care of the rest. The family-owned company also offers a taxi service for pick-up and delivery of your cat should you have transportation issues.

To learn more about Puss N Boots Boarding Cattery and to see a price list, visit www.pussnboots.com.au. You can also call 02 9651 1401 and speak to one of the staff.

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